Expanding the level of entrepreneurial activity within all nations is an increasingly important political and economic goal, especially for developing countries. Literature suggests that culture, education and environment play key roles, yet these attributes vary greatly across nations. This study explores the level of interest in entrepreneurship among what may be India’s next generation of entrepreneurs, namely undergraduate business students, and draws comparisons with students enrolled in the US. Despite a combination of social structures and cultural values within India that historically constrained entrepreneurship, a number of efforts in recent years seem to have significantly shifted the national mindset regarding entrepreneurship, particularly among India’s youth who were found to demonstrate a significantly higher level of interest in starting new ventures than their US counterparts.


Original Citation: Levenburg, Nancy M., and Thomas V. Schwarz. "Entrepreneurial Orientation among the Youth of India: The Impact of Culture, Education and Environment." Journal of Entrepreneurship 17, no. 1 (2008): 15-35.