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The Northern Great Plains History Conference, which recently held its 50th conference, was conceived by D. Jerome Tweton of the University of North Dakota’s Department of History. After attending the Missouri Valley History Conference in Omaha, Tweton thought the concept of a regional history conference should be duplicated on the Northern Great Plains. But, his attendance at the American Historical Association’s 1965 meeting in New York City caused him to act. The conference was crowded, costly, and only attended by two North Dakota historians. While flying back to Grand Forks, Tweton decided to give historians of the North Central region an opportunity to participate in a relatively inexpensive conference closer to their homes. With the enthusiastic support of his university’s history faculty and administration, Tweton organized the first conference on the University of North Dakota campus in the fall of 1966. From its first meeting in 1966 the conference has been devoted to history in its broadest sense. Its programs have regularly featured a diversity of regional, national and international history topics. It is regional only because its meeting sites have always been in the northern plains area. It was at the NGPHC in Hudson, Wisconsin in 2013 where the Midwestern History Working Group was first organized and at the NGPHC in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2014 that the Midwestern History Association was launched.

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