Older adults, Interdisciplinary, Health, Nursing, Physical activity


Geriatric Nursing | Movement and Mind-Body Therapies


The exploration of feasible and cost-effective strategies is warranted to mitigate rising healthcare costs and lessen the impact of chronic diseases, functional decline, and disability in older adults. The overwhelming sedentariness of older adults is accompanied by a lack of expertise by healthcare professionals in exercise programming that acknowledge factors influencing physical activity (PA) patterns. We present a framework for a nursing/exercise science interdisciplinary effort to increase PA and improve health in older adults via the delivery of individually tailored exercise programming for an 8-week intervention. Results from this study will be integral in translating effective interdisciplinary efforts across diverse healthcare settings.

Original Citation

Christopher J Dondzila, Elaine Van Doren. An Interdisciplinary Framework for impacting older adults Health and Physical activity. Iris J of Nur & Car. 2(2): 2019. IJNC.MS.ID.000531. DOI: 10.33552/IJNC.2019.02.000531.