IACCP Author Agreement
Online Readings in Psychology and Culture


Agreement is hereby made between the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) and the undersigned person(s) (the "Author") concerning the preparation of a manuscript (the "Work") to be included in a project entitled Online Readings in Psychology and Culture (the "Project"). The intent is to make the Work free and instantly available to anyone who is interested in it for educational purposes. In cases of co- or multiple-authorship, it is understood that the senior author represents all in their Work.

The parties agree to the following.

  1. The Work has been prepared for exclusive use in the above-named Project and is copyrighted by the Author. There shall be no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for either the Center or the Author, for this Work. The Author fully acknowledges that his or her contribution to Project, in the form of a manuscript (or manuscripts), has been done by invitation and has been entered into in the spirit of non-remunerative scholarship for the benefit of all who may read the Work. The Author extends to the Center the license to use the Work in this Project for an indefinite period.
  2. The Author represents and warrants to IACCP that the work does not infringe on any copyright, violate any property rights, or contain any scandalous, libelous, or unlawful matter, and that the Author agrees to hold IACCP harmless against any claims that may be incurred.
  3. The Author understands and agrees that once the Work is made available on-line through the IACCP website it will be available online and therefore capable of being copied by other persons. While the intent and spirit of this Project is to make the Work of all Authors free to all interested scholars, therefore making it both unethical and illegal for anyone to copy it for any form of monetary compensations, both the Author and IACCP realize that it is possible that individuals with malicious or mercenary intent could create situations where either compensation or unwarranted activity is involved In the event such cases occur, both IACCP and the Author reserve the right to take legal action against any party involved for violation of copyright.
  4. The editor of the Project, under the supervision of the IACCP Communication and Publications Committee, shall have the right to make such editorial changes and revisions in the Work as deemed necessary or advisable (including chapter title) for clarity, brevity, and conformity to style, and the Author shall have the right of approval of major changes made by IACCP. Such changes shall normally be mediated by e-mail correspondence either before or after making the Work available on the IACCP website.
  5. The Author shall have the right to revise his/her Work at any time and request that such revision replace the old Work at the earliest convenience to IACCP. The Author and IACCP also agree that the Author has the right to request that IACCP withdraw his or her Work; normally such a request shall be granted provided it is by mutual consent of the parties. Although not anticipated, IACCP has the right to remove the Work if in IACCP's judgment it no longer fits the Project.
  6. The Author shall receive appropriate credit for his/her role in the creation of the Work in any Table of Contents or on-line listing of the contents of the Project.

(Note: This agreement applies to Articles published after October 2008.)