ORPC Publication Policy


The ORCP is the open-access and online journal of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology. The ORPC is active in seeking to provide content relevant for and produced by underrepresented perspectives. The ORCP’s mission is “to give science away”: The ORPC strives to make academic content at the intersection of psychology and culture available for everyone, be they experts in a field of study, students, members of the community, or policy makers.

Publication types

The ORPC publishes original content in a journal article format. The ORPC focuses on disseminating information for a wide audience and therefore it is not an outlet for publication of original empirical studies (unless these are specific showcases for a larger point).

The ORPC publishes overviews of fields of study, state of the art of theories and measurements, as well as expert opinion pieces on education-related developments.

The language of publication at the ORPC is English. The editorial team is assessing ways that would allow publications in other widely circulated languages. Information on these developments will be published on the website of the journal once a decision was made.

Overcoming Language Barriers

The board may deviate from focusing on original content under the following circumstances:

The editorial team may decide to publish non-original content that had been published in a language other than the one(s) accepted at the journal. The editorial team recognizes that in some cases there is content potentially relevant for a wider audience that otherwise is unavailable due to language barriers of authors. In these situations, the editorial team may either invite the author to submit a translated version or the editorial team will seek to facilitate translation on behalf of the author (if that would be possible). There is no budget for such translations available.

What qualifies for this special case are contents that provide unique insights into the local culture or socio-political context as well as fine-tuning of measurement instruments that are applied by researchers elsewhere. Publication in this case is possible when the following are considered:

Reviewing process

  1. The reviewers have expertise in the content addressed in the submitted manuscript as well as they are bilingual in both the original language of the manuscript and (one of) the publication language(s) at the ORPC.
  2. The editors assign reviewers according to matching expertise and language fit.
  3. The editors ask authors to submit together with the manuscript a list of up to 5 candidate reviewers who meet criterion 1 above, considering conflict of interest.
  4. The editors can decide to invite one or two reviewers from the listed submitted by the author, but the Editors may choose to invite other experts who meet the language criterion from their networks, the IACCP or related scientific and non-scientific communities.
  5. The reviewers write their review in the language of the submitted manuscript.


  1. The author may contact the editors prior to submitting their manuscript and inquire about options regarding the language of their manuscript.
  2. The editors together with the authors can agree on the language of submission and therefore on the language of the entire publication process.
  3. The editors may choose to translate or support the author during the translation phase of the original manuscript into the publication language at the ORPC.
  4. The translation of the original manuscript into the publication language at the ORPC, however, is the responsibility of the author.