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Occupational Therapy (M.S.)


Occupational Therapy

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Kathryn Edick

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Sondra Stegenga

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Shaunna Kelder


In the realm of early intervention, current service delivery standards have shifted towards employing the coaching model utilizing everyday learning opportunities (ELOs). This approach ensures family centered care as caregivers are coached to implement interventions for their children in the context of the family’s daily routine. Despite existing literature that supports substantial increase in the children’s outcomes that result from this technique, research lacks adequate investigation regarding the effects of coaching utilizing ELOs with caregivers. Using a mixed-methods design, a survey was offered to parents of children who have received early intervention services in order to explore perceptions of their parental well-being, parenting competence, and judgment of child’s progress. Analysis of the 30 returned surveys yielded three recurrent themes: the importance of the caregiver-provider relationship; positive effects on parental learning; and perceived improvement of child progress. For early intervention service providers, the findings of this study support the efficacy of coaching utilizing ELOs in providing family-centered care and the positive implications this has for improving parental well-being, competence, and judgment of child’s progress.