In Study I the kinesthetic after-effect was assessed by using a wide inducing block and the Petrie (1967) measurement procedure without its initial 45-min rest period. In Study II the after-effect was examined by employing a wide inducing block and the so-called traditional procedure (Herzog and Weintraub, 1982), following repeated inductions with a narrow inducing stimulus. In both studies, after-effect scores generally were correlated as predicted with other indexes of the augmenter/reducer personality dimension, although the magnitudes of the relationships were somewhat lower when compared to those of typical findings. Based on research to date, suggestions are offered for increasing the magnitude of relationships between the after-effect and questionnaire measures of augmenting/reducing.


Original Citation: Herzog, Thomas R., and Michael C. Vargo. "Variations on the Petrie After-Effect Procedure for Measuring the Augmenter/Reducer Personality Dimension." Educational and Psychological Measurement XX, no. X (1988): 355-365.