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Victoria Veenstra


Part Two - Unnatural

As a continuation of part one, we attempt to accentuate the growing disconnect from nature. In their obsession for perfection, humans have sought to replicate everything natural in a flawless and everlasting way. Not only have we produced fake plants and artificial flavoring, but we have also started manipulating ourselves to form a distorted version of the original. To show this, we are combining human elements with our synthetic products and framing our work in a way that you can clearly see the distortion. Nature is essential to human survival, yet we continue to become unnatural. Survival is not guaranteed.

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DNA Snake .pdf (202 kB)
Kimberley Quinn Artist Statement

Vines.pdf (932 kB)
Olivia Kelly Artist Statement

Communicatory Hygiene 2.pdf (4066 kB)
Zoe Zaroff Artist Statement