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Gwyn Madden


Since the 1990s, GVSU’s Anthropology Department has housed the disarticulated hanging skeleton of an individual nicknamed Twiggy who was originally used as a medical model. Typically little is known about individuals used as medical models, as is true in this individual’s case. To continue using these remains as teaching material, it is imperative that we understand more about their life. In alignment with post-processual archaeological theory, this project aims to reconstruct the life of one individual. In order to do so, a profile will be constructed for the individual by estimating traits such as age, sex, and stature. Their remains will also be analyzed for trauma, pathology, and non-specific indicators of stress. Further research will be done in order to understand the history of anatomical model construction. In doing this, Twiggy will be able to reclaim their identity, as students are able to learn about their story in life and in death.

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