First Advisor

Dr. Kristin Hedges


Ethnoveterinary Medicine, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Ethnobotany, Cultural Anthropology, Medicinal Plants, Traditional Medicine


The final, published version of this work can be found at

Original Ciation: Cauvel, Jordan Michael. 2023. “From Clinic To Kenya.” Anthropology News website, December 12, 2023.




This is the final draft of a magazine article I submitted to Anthropology News. The article details my undergraduate research experience during the summer of 2023. I joined the established Olosho Ethnobotany Project, and collaborated with Dr. Kristin Hedges to produce an ethnoveterinary component. Dr. Hedges and I, spent two weeks in Narok, Kenya documenting traditional medicine for livestock. The traditional medicine was specific to the Purko Maasai community. The research trip was transformational, and helped guide my scholarly aspirations as a future graduate student of veterinary medicine. This article has been accepted by Anthropology News and pending press early 2024.