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Education-Specialist in Leadership (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

First Advisor

Reginald Blockett

Second Advisor

Karyn Rabourn

Third Advisor

Chasity Bailey-Fakhoury

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Current research presents evidence of racial bias’ impacts on student conduct in education, yet most of the research focuses on K-12 schools. This thesis explores the impacts of racial bias on alcohol and other drug relate student conduct at the higher education level. Bias in student conduct can impact feelings of social isolation, lack of support, and identity crises that often increase the likelihood of academic attrition and mental health concerns. A content analysis of student conduct records at medium sized Predominantly White Institution (PWI) will examine the potential impacts of racial bias on this institution’s restorative justice student conduct process. Restorative justice is frequently offered as a solution to bias in student conduct, this study attempts to offer recommendations that include but expand upon restorative justice as the sole solution to these issues. Further research should be conducted on other identity impacts and how intersectionality can be addressed in student conduct processes in higher education.