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Education-Literacy Studies: Reading (M.Ed.)

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College of Education

First Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Stolle

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This project proposal employs a broad range of research to design a plan of implementation that would address the effectiveness of increased permanent exposure to more diverse text sets. The essential components of this design are to investigate the efficacy of increasing access to multimodal, high-interest, and responsive texts in closing educational equity gaps as a substantive conceptual model of educational effectiveness and theory-based approaches to increase engagement in literacy and learning. This work would include developing a comprehensive catalog of texts which would allow for the most significant impact on student engagement. The literature used to justify design includes applicable models, references, the authenticity of voice regarding perspective and experience, and shifts in pedagogy, allowing for ease of deployment. This project is designed with the expectation of discovering direct positive correlations between students who can self-select from this catalog as having academic growth and a more positive outlook toward literacy. From this perspective, the importance of conceptual and theoretical approaches helps build more dynamic educational effectiveness schematics. Exercising best practice frameworks in using benchmarks such as state standardized testing scores, then comparing those as growth scores for both students participating in this program with those who are not, with the expectation of finding a positive correlation between the affordances above and student success. This project will directly impact teaching strategies moving forward as an educator, encompassing the benefits and hindrances I have found in the hopes of enacting improvement in closing educational equity gaps.