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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Louette R. Lutjens

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Patricia Underwood

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Eleanor French


Nurse administrators may participate in predicting organizational trends and planning at various organizational levels, however, the degree of actual participation of the nurse administrator in hospital decision-making is a relatively new area of investigation. A descriptive cross-sectional research design was used to investigate the differences between nurse administrators' actual and preferred participation in hospital decision-making. A stratified random sample of 60 nurse executives and 60 nurse managers was selected from the Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives' membership list. The overall response rate was 67% (N = 81). Data were obtained from individual nurses by questionnaires. The responses from the nurse administrators indicated that they desired greater participation and that their expectations for participation in hospital decision-making are not being met. Significant differences were found between nurse administrators' actual and preferred participation in hospital decision-making (t = 10.50, p {dollar}<{dollar}.01). Preferred participation in hospital decision-making was positively associated with perceived actual participation (r =.73). As might be expected nurse executives had significantly greater participation in hospital decision-making than did nurse managers (t = 10.18, p {dollar}<{dollar}.01).


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