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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Katherine Kim

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Lucille Grimm

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Mary Jo Herendeen


A descriptive correlational retrospective survey of caregivers of hospice patients was used to determine the degree of caregiver satisfaction with hospice nursing care and to examine the relationship between satisfaction with nursing care and selected caregiver demographic variables. A random sample of 180 caregivers from 12 randomly selected home based hospices in Michigan's lower peninsula was surveyed utilizing the Revised La Monica/Oberst Patient Satisfaction Scale and a Caregiver Demographic Sheet. Response rate was 63% (N = 114) with 56% (N = 100) of forms usable for data analysis.; The mean satisfaction score was 332 (possible range 51 to 357), indicating no significant relationships were found between caregiver satisfaction and the selected demographic variables. Pearson's r for age was.19, p {dollar}>{dollar}.05. The t-test results for gender and sole caregiver status were.46 and.03 respectively, p {dollar}>{dollar}.05. One-way analysis of variance for additional caregiver responsibilities was F(3, 96) = 1.49, p {dollar}>{dollar}.05.


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