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Physical Therapy (M.S.)

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Physical Therapy

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Jane Toot


This study was designed to analyze what types of team meetings are being utilized for patient care in the inpatient rehabilitation setting. It was also designed to look at physical therapists' knowledge of the criteria that differentiates the interdisciplinary team approach from the multidisciplinary team approach. A perceptual questionnaire was sent to physical therapists involved in the inpatient rehabilitation setting in the State of Michigan. Only 1.7% of the physical therapists are involved in a true interdisciplinary team. The other respondents reported that their teams have some characteristics of both the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team approach. However, when asked what type of team they perceive is utilized at their rehabilitation site, 61.3% of the physical therapists stated that they are involved in an interdisciplinary team. These findings show that physical therapists are unaware of the characteristics that define the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team approaches. They also indicate that it is a combination of these two team approaches which is being utilized in the inpatient rehabilitation units in Michigan.


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