Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Nursing (M.S.N.)

Degree Program

College of Nursing

First Advisor

Mary Horan

Second Advisor

Donna Larson

Third Advisor

Brenda Lazarus


This ex post facto correlation design study was completed to compare the relative ability of the National League for Nursing Diagnostic Readiness Test (NLN-DRT), nursing non-clinical grade point average, overall grade point average, and pre-nursing grade point average in predicting NCLEX-RN success. Records of 95 graduates from a particular associate degree nursing program were reviewed. The Pearson r identified the NLN-DRT to have the strongest correlation with NCLEX-RN success. All the independent variables had a high degree of correlation with one another. The multiple regression analysis revealed that the NLN-DRT accounted for 25% of the variance in NCLEX-RN success. The remaining independent variables added no further predictive value.


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