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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Louette Lutjens

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Patricia Underwood

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Theresa Bacon-Baguley


Nurses today are caring for a wide array of patients that may include potential organ donors or organ transplant recipients. The purpose of this descriptive correlational study was to explore the knowledge nurses possess and the attitude they hold regarding organ donation, using Jean Watson's theory of human caring as the conceptual framework.; A convenience sample of approximately 200 registered nurses in a 300-bed medical center, that does not have an organ transplant program was surveyed. The knowledge level had a mean score of 6.69 with a possible high of 11. This suggests that the knowledge level of the registered nurses regarding organ donation is insufficient. The registered nurses were found to have a positive attitude regarding the organ donation process and that their attitude would be influenced by increasing their knowledge of the organ donation process.; This study suggests the need for further research into the effectiveness of current education programs for healthcare professionals regarding the organ donation process. Future research should also focus on alternative education programs.


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