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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Patricia Underwood

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Steven Merrill

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Rodney Mulder


This study examined differences in social support received by trauma patients and their perceived satisfaction with the social support provided by various categories of providers including: family members, friends, RNs and other health professionals. Thirty hospitalized trauma patients were asked to rate the satisfaction they felt regarding seven forms of support. Types of support that most patients indicated their families and friends provided were spending time with them and making them feel important. Respectful treatment, providing information, encouragement and listening support from RNs and other health professionals was mentioned by a large percentage of the subjects. Qualitatively it was found that some patients desired other types of support some of which included: more direct contact with family members, a more sustained relationship with the professionals who cared for them, and increase in recognition of themselves as individuals.


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