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Degree Name

Physical Therapy (M.S.)

Degree Program

Physical Therapy

First Advisor

Jane Toot

Second Advisor

Paul Leidig

Third Advisor

Alex Nesterenko


This research study explores the possible differences in general job satisfaction between contracted physical therapists and directly employed physical therapists. The Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire was sent to contract and directly employed therapists who fulfilled the following criteria: working in an acute care setting, working at that particular job for at least six months but no more than two years, and working in the profession for at least six months. A total of 200 surveys were mailed to therapists in the state of Michigan with 17 surveys being returned by contracted therapists and 34 from directly employed therapists, for a 25.5% return rate. For the statistical analysis of the data, the confidence level was set at an alpha of {dollar}\leq{dollar}.05. A two-way analysis of variance comparing the general satisfaction score to the type of therapist and to the length of time on the job produced a p-value of.037. This demonstrates that the discovered lower level of job satisfaction found among the contract therapists in this study is statistically significant.


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