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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Linda Bond

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Patricia Underwood

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Frances McCrea


The concept of patient satisfaction continues to be one of the main concerns in the health care arena today. The purpose of this study was to investigate patients' perceived satisfaction level regarding their labor and delivery at one large Midwestern teaching hospital.; Satisfaction was measured using the Labor and Delivery Satisfaction Index by Lomas, Dore, Enkin, & Mitchell, and the Labor and Delivery Evaluation Scale by Humenick. Roy's Adaptation Model provided the conceptual framework for this study. The study sample was 33 primiparas, seventy-six percent reporting overall satisfaction with their labor and delivery experience.; Sixty-one percent reported the labor and delivery nurse as the one person who made the biggest difference in their labor and delivery experience. Labor and delivery nurses can utilize the valuable information gained from patients' self report of satisfying aspects of labor and delivery to increase patients' perceived satisfaction.


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