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Nursing (M.S.N.)

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College of Nursing

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Patricia Underwood

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Katherine Kim

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Wayne Kinzie


Major focus should be on the elderly's ability to initiate and perform self-care. Interventions to improve health in this age group are most appropriately based on an assessment of their ability to engage in self-care. Orem's framework guided this descriptive study of self-care ability of a convenience sample of 56 seniors residing within a midwestern community. A revision of the Exercise of Self-Care Agency Scale developed by Kearny and Fleischer (1979) was used to measure self-care agency. Relationships between self-care agency and age, gender, living pattern, education, income, and other variables were analyzed. A majority of the subjects perceived their health status as good to excellent and scored high on the Exercise of Self-Care Agency Scale. Age, gender, living pattern, nor income were significant to the ability to engage in self-care. A significant positive relationship existed between education and frequency of exercise as well as between self-care agency scores and frequency of exercise. Elderly who never smoked exhibited a higher score on the self-care agency scale. A positive relationship between health problems and number of visits to a physician was found to exist.


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