Date Approved


Graduate Degree Type


Degree Name

Health Sciences (M.H.S.)

Degree Program

Health Professions

First Advisor

Theresa Bacon-Baguley

Second Advisor

Jeffrey S. Jones


The Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan developed an instructional video for prehospital personnel in hopes of broadening their awareness about elder abuse and neglect. A sample of 60 EMS personnel were asked to complete a pretest in order to assess current knowledge of the subject matter, view the educational video, and then complete the posttest. This session was used to evaluate the video as a potential training device. While the study population reported seeing 256 suspected cases of abuse or neglect in their careers, only 11 (4%) were reported. Furthermore, 60% of the respondents thought that the prevalence of elder abuse and neglect was rather rare. This response dropped to 38% after seeing the video. The 60 EMS respondents had an average pretest score of 5.35, and an average posttest score of 10.03, resulting in an overall score improvement of +4.68 points.


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