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This correlational study examined the relationship between knowledge of breastfeeding and success in breastfeeding. A convenience sample of women attending prepared childbirth classes in a Midwestern metropolitan area was used. The women were pregnant with their first child and planning to breastfeed. Gulick’s (1981) Information on Breastfeeding Questionnaire was used to test knowledge of breastfeeding before delivery and Rentschler's (1991) Breastfeeding Experience Questionnaire was used to measure knowledge and experience.

Roy’s Theory of Adaptive Modes (Andrews & Roy, 1991) was used as a theoretical framework. This study focused on the role function mode and role transition, looking at the secondary role of mother and the transition to the tertiary role of breastfeeding.

An Eta coefficient value of .45 showed a moderately strong relationship between knowledge of breastfeeding and success with breastfeeding. Women whose babies were eager feeders were also significantly more likely to be successful in breastfeeding.


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