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Physical Therapy (M.S.)

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Physical Therapy


The purpose of this research was to begin to establish normative data for femoral anteversion and tibiofibular torsion using the Ryder's and the Thigh-Foot Angle (TEA) tests. A secondary purpose was to establish the intertester and intratester reliability of the authors' measurements. Thirty-three normal children within the ages of 5 through 10 years volunteered for this study. All subjects' data were separated into the appropriate age groups. All data were pooled and mean/standard deviations and intertester/intratester reliability coefficients were determined. A small decreasing general trend in femoral anteversion with increasing age was found. However, no significant trend was noted in the tibiofibular torsion measurements. Intratester reliabilities for the Ryder's and TFA tests ranged from r = 0.38 to 0.84 while intertester reliabilities for those tests ranged from r = 0.15 to 0.51. This study may assist the health care practitioner in evaluating and treating children with abnormal femoral anteversion or tibiofibular torsion.


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