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Physical Therapy (M.S.)

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Physical Therapy


Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most complex dysfunctions facing physical therapists today. There has been some research on the correlation between decreased hamstring length and LBP, but the results have been inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to determine if there is a direct correlation between decreased hamstring length and chronic LBP among males and females aged 20 - 60 years who are non-manual laborers.

Based on responses to a questionnaire thirty-nine volunteer subjects were placed into either the no LBP group or the chronic LBP group. The subjects were then tested bilaterally for hamstring muscle length using the modified passive knee extension test. The multiple linear regression procedure was used to analyze the data. No significant correlation was found (p = 0.6574). Therefore, the results of this study indicate that there was no difference in the mean average hamstring length between non-manual laborers aged 20 - 60 years with or without chronic LBP. Limitations of this study along with suggestions for further research are discussed.


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