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The purpose o f this study was to compare the pain management o f acute adult trauma patients during the first hour of resuscitation at a Level I Trauma Center versus non Level 1 Trauma Center Emergency Departments.

A descriptive two group comparison design was used for this study. The sample consisted o f 74 patients at the Level I Center and 65 patients at the non Level I Centers. Data was obtained through a retrospective chart review. Type, route, dose of analgesic, time from admission to first dose, and number o f consecutive doses were determined and analyzed by chi-square and independent t-test.

At the Level I Trauma Center only intravenous narcotics were administered in comparison to intravenous and intramuscular narcotics and noon-steroidal anti-inflammatories administered at the non Level 1 Centers. Time from arrival to the administration of the first dose was significantly shorter and quantity of medication was significantly greater at the Level 1 Trauma Center than at the non Level 1 emergency departments supporting the hypothesis that the Level I Trauma Center is more aggressive in the management of pain for acute adult trauma patients.


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