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This study builds on two qualitative studies, one by Smith (1988) and one by Rew (1988a) which investigate the characteristics of crisis anticipation as defined by critical care nurses. A convenience sample of critical care nurses from three Midwestern hospitals was shown a random ordered list of thirty characteristics of crisis anticipation identified in the Smith (1988) and Rew (1988a) studies. The nurses scored each characteristic on importance to the concept of crisis anticipation. Nurses were divided into two groups by experience level, and group scores for each characteristic were developed using the Fehring (1986) technique. Group scores were compared to each other and to the ranked list developed from the Smith (1988) and Rew (1988a) results. Results showed essentially no significant difference between groups in this study. Comparison of group scores to the original list supported those characteristics as major and minor characteristics of the concept of crisis anticipation.


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