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A descriptive, correlation design was used to examine the relationship between the Health Belief Model (HBM) variables and breast self-examination (BSE) in a population of rural women. Champion's HBM Scale (1993) was given at a cancer screening clinic (n=127). The construct validity for this instrument was established by Champion and alpha reliability for subscales ranged from .74 to .91 in this study.

Logistical regression was performed using the HBM variables of perceived susceptibility, seriousness, benefits, barriers, health motivation, and confidence. Barriers and confidence made a significant difference in BSE performance among the subjects in this study.

Women with friend or relative diagnosed with breast cancer felt more susceptible but this was not related to BSE performance. This research supports previous findings which indicate barriers as significantly related to performance of BSE. Confidence was significantly related to and has implications for education and instruction of proper technique of BSE.


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