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The mammography screening guidelines have been vague and differ from recommending organization to organization. Thus it is up to women to make decisions about mammography screening based on their personal health beliefs. This study examined the relationship between perceived benefits and perceived barriers to mammography and compliance with mammography screening guidelines in women age 40 and older. A correlational design was used with a convenience sample of 84 women from two outpatient family practice offices in the suburbs of a mid-western city. The Breast Cancer Screening Behaviors questionnaire created by Victoria Champion in 1995 was used to measure perceived benefits and barriers to mammography.

Data indicated that 74% of the subjects were compliant with recommended guidelines. However, the hypothesized relationships between perceived benefits and barriers to mammography and compliance were not supported. Subjects’ education level was related to compliance (Chi-Square with Yates CC = 9.62, p = .002). Nursing implications were discussed.


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