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This study tested if reminiscence therapy would improve client satisfaction with nursing care. An experimental post test only design was used on 39 clients in a moderate sized home care agency in the Midwest. Ages ranged from 65 to 98. A single, one-on-one reminiscence session was done with 22 subjects in their homes after a routine nursing visit. The control group subjects did not receive the reminiscence intervention. The groups were homogeneous except for the number of hospitalizations experienced in the past year. The control group had a significantly higher number.

The Forbes Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire, modified for the home setting, was used to test client satisfaction. A t-test for independent sample did not support the hypothesis (t = 1.95; df = 26; p = .06) . Mean scores on the questionnaire showed the experimental group tended to score higher (M = 75.41) on satisfaction than the control group (M = 71.06). Continued study on the use of reminiscence therapy as a valid intervention to affect client satisfaction is indicated.


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