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Winter 1998

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Education (M.Ed.)

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College of Education


The effects that Classwide Peer Tutoring has on students’ with learning disabilities basic reading skill was examined. Classwide Peer Tutoring is a program that allows students to engage more time in actual reading behavior with partner feedback. One instructor implemented Classwide Peer Tutoring for a 4 week period to 11 students who had learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing. One volunteer was used twice a week to emit tests of the students’ progress. Results of the study indicated that compared to their pretest scores, the post-test scores showed that students made slightly positive improvements in the areas of correct response, error rate, and comprehension. Furthermore, a satisfaction questionnaire showed that students had positive feelings about Classwide Peer Tutoring. This study suggests that Classwide Peer Tutoring may be a program that would be beneficial for students basic reading skills. Classwide Peer Tutoring should be implemented for a longer period of time to note if greater improvements could be contrived.


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