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Curriculum maps for multi-age classes are difficult to organize. This paper explores some of the ways that curricula has been organized in the past and a method developed by Heidi Hayes Jacobs . This method differs from other mapping strategies because it starts with the state standards and benchmarks and fits the curricula into this framework. This paper also explores the concept of multi-age groupings to insure a better understanding of the history of grouping students in education, the philosophy behind multi-age, as well as some of the benefits and detractors of this concept. The process for developing a curriculum map for a multi-age class of six-seven-and eight year old learners is described in this project. It starts with the state standards and benchmarks based on the social studies and science curricula. Language arts and math components are added and finally the special projects, assessments and speakers. The appendices list literature, videos, activities and projects as well as technology ideas and a chart of the classroom curriculum map.


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