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This study examined health care workers' compliance with glove use and variables that influence health care workers' compliance with glove use. A descriptive correlational design using a questionnaire given to health care workers in a long term care facility was employed for this study. The sample consisted of 28 health care workers who worked at the long term care facility. A modified Survey of Health Care Workers Use of Gloves (Henry, Maki, & Campbell,1992) was used to collect the data.

Data analysis consisted of reporting means, standard deviations, and range of scores for glove use compliance and variables that influence glove use. T-tests were used to examine significant differences between the variables with glove use compliance. Pearson's correlations were used to examine relationships between the variables.

Significant findings of the research were: (1) The majority of health care workers use gloves more often if blood contact is suspected. (2) Health care workers in the long term facility felt that they didn't have contact with HIV or HBV patients. (3) Inservices are the most common cues to action in the long term care facility.


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