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The purpose of this descriptive study was to compare the perceptions of postpartum clients and nurses as to priority information needs for early discharge. King's Theory of Goal Attainment provided the conceptual model. A convenience sample of 33 nurses and 62 clients was used for the study. A 50-item instrument by Degenhart-Leskosky (1989) was used to compare perceived maternal and infant needs.

Though the analysis of data suggested there were no significant differences between the clients' and nurses' perceptions, there were discrepancies in 14 of 50 topics, and in some mean rankings. Infant feeding appeared as top priority for both groups. Other significant topics for both were infant immunizations, safety, happiness, illness identification, and maternal episiotomy care. Inconsistencies appeared in areas of maternal breast care, lochia, time-management, and infant frequency of feedings, bathing, and medical care. Overall, the study supports identification of individual information needs for discharge.


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