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Hardiness is a set of personality characteristics that function as a resource in coping with stress. Hardiness has been linked with less burnout among various groups. This study was done to determine if there was a relationship between hardiness and the incidence of burnout in critical care nurses. A descriptive correlational design was used to examine this relationship. Critical care nurses at three hospitals in the Grand Rapids area were surveyed using the Staff Burnout Scale for Health Professionals, the Cognitive Hardiness Scale, and a demographics questionnaire. Data were tested using Pearson’s correlation and simple regression. The hypothesis “hardiness in critical care nurses is negatively related to burnout” was supported. No demographic variables were found to have a statistically significant relationship with burnout or hardiness. Implications of the study are that the concept of hardiness should be taught to nurses and nurse managers and hardiness training should be given to support the development of a coping resource to help lessen burnout.


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