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Physical Therapy (M.S.)


Physical Therapy


This single subject case design sought to evaluated the long-term and short-term effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin-A (BTXA) treatment in conjunction with directed physical therapy on spasticity, active range of motion (AROM), passive range of motion (PROM), Functional Independence Measurement (FIM) scores, and motor performance in a patient with TBI. Researchers hyopothesized that directed physical therapy in conjunction with BTXA would maximize a subject’s motor control and performance. An "A1-BC-B-A2” single subject design, scheduled to last six months and three weeks, was proposed. Clinically significant changes were defined as: a decrease by one point for the Modified Ashworth Scale score, an increase by one point for the FIM, an improvement of a minimum of eight degrees for AROM and PROM measurements, and an improvement in overall function on either of the two performance tests. Due to time constraints, this study was not completed and results were not obtained.


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