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Health Sciences (M.H.S.)

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Health Professions


The basis of this research was to investigate the ability of age, gender, ASSET test and science GPA (Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Essentials of Pathophysiology, Clinical Kinesiology, Neurological Foundation of Motor Control and Clinical Pathology) to predict the successful completion of a PTA program by a student. In this causal-comparative study (ex post facto), the sample consisted of ninety graduates and five non-graduates from the PTA program at Baker College of Muskegon (1993 -1998).

This study used a logistic regression method to make an attempt to demonstrate that Clinical Kinesiology was significant as a predictor of success for this program. Age, gender ASSET test scores and the remaining science GPA were not found to be predictors of success. The authors concluded that the results were influenced by the low variation in their sample. Therefore, conclusions made from this study may not be applicable to other institutions.


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