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Physical Therapy (M.S.)

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Physical Therapy


The Rancho Los Amigos Observational Gait Analysis system (Rancho OGA) is a standardized approach utilized to assess gait impairment for various diagnoses. Physical therapists, orthotists, and physicians utilize Rancho OGA for clinical decision making and recommending treatment interventions for gait disability. This study examined the reliability and concurrent validity of Rancho OGA from gait files obtained from the GVSU/Mary Free Bed Center for Human Kinetic Studies. Comparisons were made between computerized 3-D gait analysis and Rancho OGA data from videotaped records of cerebral palsy gait to determine the level of agreement utilizing the Kappa statistic and percent agreement. Results indicated moderate to substantial intra-rater reliability, and fair to moderate inter-rater reliability and concurrent validity of Rancho OGA at the ankle, knee, and hip in the sagittal plane. Rancho OGA is a moderately reliable and valid clinical tool that can be utilized to monitor treatment progress and to assess treatment outcomes.


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