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Physical Therapy (M.S.)

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Physical Therapy


The effect of a high carbohydrate (HCHO) or high fat (HF) diet on time to fatigue and mood state was examined in the present study. Six untrained males, (mean age 26.6 ± 0.74) were randomly assigned to a high fat (HF) or a HCHO diet for seven days. Subjects performed an endurance test at 55% of VO2max following the diet. Time to fatigue and psychometric variables of the Profile of Mood States (POMS) were recorded. Subjects then consumed the alternate diet following one week of a normal diet and a second endurance test was performed. There was no significant difference in time to fatigue between the HCHO diet (51.37 minutes ± 1.94), and the HF diet (47.0 minutes ± 1.8). No significant mood changes were found before or after the exercise test between the diets.


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