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This discriptive study used the Health Belief Model to examine the benefits, barriers, and action cues to obtaining Papanicolaou tests perceived by women age 50 and older. A convenience sample of 48 women were interviewed. Comparisons were made between those who obtained Papanicolaou tests at least every three years (n = 24) and those who did not (n = 24)..

One cue to action and four perceived benefits were found to be important influences. Women who had received Papanicolaou tests less frequently than every three years agreed that certain barriers had influenced their decisions more than women who had received Papanicolaou tests at least every three years. In addition, women who had obtained Papanicolaou tests less frequently perceived less influence from certain benefits. Women age 65 and older more frequently identified certain barriers as having influenced their decisions than women under 65.


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