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A descriptive correlational design was used to examine the relationship between the level of social support and the perceived quality of life (QOL) of the patient following coronary artery bypass surgery (CABS) one year after the procedure. A total of 212 surveys were sent to the homes of former patients admitted to a mid-western hospital and 90 were returned. The Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQ-85) was used to measure social support and the Quality of Life Index-Cardiac Version (QLI) was used to measure QOL.

The hypothesis of the study asserted that there was a positive correlation between the level of social support and QOL in the CABS patient population one year following surgery. Test of the hypothesis with a one-tailed Pearson's r was used to identify the strength of the relationship between the PRQ-85 and the QLI, which was .6148. This figure indicates a strong correlation between social support and QOL.


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