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Computer Information Systems (M.S.)

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School of Computing and Information Systems


We propose to analyze the effectiveness of various non-preemptive Load Balancing Policies that are available in Distributed Computing Systems. The result of the analysis demonstrates the usage of various policies and determining a policy that is effective in the given set of problems. It is not about proposing a new distributed algorithm or distributed system policy. However, it has implemented a prototype software lab comprising various policies to determine the effectiveness of existing load balancing policies. There are several programs implemented to test the lab and to generate data to analyze the effectiveness of the distributed policies.

The prototype software lab (EPLAB) that has been developed, as a part of this thesis is configurable to employ any kind of load balancing policies discussed in this documentation. Any program written in any language (in Linux operating system) can be tested in this lab and the resultant data can be collected to observe the effectiveness of the policies selected in the configuration file. So, this lab can be used as a pedagogical tool to show students how different program respond using different load balancing policies. Two programming solutions used EPLAB to generate data to analyze the effectiveness of the load balancing policies. Many other load balancing policies can be implemented and integrated into EPLAB system and the results of the programs that ran using EPLAB can be analyzed for identifying the efficiency of the policies.


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