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Since the advent of the Internet, educators have struggled with the problem of utilizing its research potential while protecting students from viewing inappropriate content such as pornography, illegal substances and hate-oriented websites. Schools need to face this challenge with a plan for how to best protect children from offensive material while allowing quality research opportunities.

This study uses research from experts in the field and a survey of 156 teachers to determine the best way to maximize Internet research and protect children from offensive material online. This study is the first to survey teachers for their opinions on Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs), Internet filters and local control of Internet technology. Most of the teachers surveyed are overall pleased with their school’s current efforts to protect kids from inappropriate material on the Internet. AUPs alone are not good deterrents to searching for offensive material. Internet filters, while controversial, do offer a wall of protection from this material. Teachers overall would like their schools to have more control over the filtering devices. The hope is that this information can be used to help school districts implement or alter policy to better protect kids while offering quality research opportunities.


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