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This study was a comparison of the maternal perception of birth with spontaneous labor vs. labor induced by misoprostol. Perception of control, a primary factor linked with satisfaction in childbirth, was also evaluated.

Levine’s Conservation Principles guided this study. Many studies have evaluated misoprostol’s effectiveness and safety, but none have evaluated patients’ perception of their birth experience when receiving the drug. An awareness of this aspect is essential to evaluate the drug’s effect on the integrity of the whole individual.

A convenience sample of women who delivered at one regional hospital were given two questionnaires to complete before discharge. There were two groups, those who received misoprostol and those who had spontaneous labor and delivery.

This study found no difference in satisfaction with childbirth in general between the two groups. In addition, no difference was found in the two groups in satisfaction with labor or with delivery. There was also no difference in perceived control.


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