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Library anxiety is accepted as a valid, unique phenomenon and is recognized as a major stumbling block when writing at the graduate research level. Graduate students are woefully unprepared for the high level of technology found in academic libraries today. Many students are also unprepared for the intricacy of graduate level research. They discover their research skills are inadequate for computerized libraries when they return to universities or colleges for graduate studies after being away from academic studies. They must not only learn research skills, some truly learning for the first time, but also learn an online catalog, databases. Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery procedures, electronic reserves, and other technical library applications. All of these factors become a source of anxiety.

This thesis will study the interrelation of computer, research and library anxieties to the success of graduate education students. A questionnaire will be developed to measure the correlation between these three factors. A second and third questionnaire based on the pilot questionnaire will be used to refine the questions and to develop a reliable and valid instrument to assess the three anxieties at a later date.


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