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During the last decade, research has indicated that patient education is an essential component in the comprehensive management of heart failure. However, few data are available that evaluate how effective that education is and the relationship between knowledge and self-care adherence. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between patients’ perceived knowledge of heart failure and their reported self-care adherence with diet, exercise, and medication in the management of their chronic disease. Orem’s self-care theory provided the framework for this study.

This study was a secondary analysis of the baseline data collected from a self-reporting questionnaire used in the experimental study conducted by Kay Setter Kline, PhD, RN and colleagues. The results from the participants (n = 86) indicated that there was a positive weak relationship between perceived knowledge of heart failure and adherence to taking the prescribed medication dose and to exercise. No significant differences were found between length of heart failure diagnosis and perceived knowledge or adherence to self-care recommendations to diet, exercise, and medications.


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