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College of Nursing


This was a secondary analysis of data from 86 home care patients from a primary study by Kline (1999) of home care outcomes for persons with heart failure. Surveys were used to collect data on quality of life, energy/fatigue levels and functional abilities. In the secondary analysis, the relationships between functional abilities and energy/fatigue levels with quality of life in heart failure patients were examined using a Pearson’s r correlation. Parse’s theory of human becoming was used as the framework for this study.

The life experiences of persons with heart failure were examined in this study focusing specifically on functional abilities, energy/fatigue levels and quality of life. It was found that a significant relationship of moderate strength exists between functional abilities and quality of life as well as between energy/fatigue levels and quality of life in patients with heart failure. Based on the findings of this study, maximizing functional abilities and energy levels in persons with heart failure is important in improving their quality of life.


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