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The purpose of this secondary analysis was to identify what impact nursing approaches had on quality of life over time in a heart failure population. The sample was those patients who were receiving home care for heart failure.

The theoretical framework was the King theory of goal attainment. This secondary analysis used data from the study by Dr. Kay Setter Kline, Home Care Outcomes for Heart Failure: A Test of Two Nursing Interventions. The specific tools utilized were a demographic tool and the Ferrans and Powers Quality of Life Index: Cardiac Version III. The subjects received nursing approaches from graduate students at Grand Valley State University during eight scheduled sessions. The nursing approaches were developed utilizing the AHCPR guidelines for Heart Failure.

Improvements in quality of life scores were found. Measurement of quality of life using the QLI was compared from baseline, and at three and six month intervals, reflected improvement in quality of life (F = 29.907, p = 0.000).


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