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Twenty years of research has shown the impact that lack of phonological awareness has on a child’s ability to learn to read and ultimately his chance for success in school. However, teachers have not used this important information to teach and assess students for these necessary skills. This study looked at the possible reasons why there is such remarkable discrepancy between research and practice. The reasons of research being too new, research results being contradictory and research being difficult to duplicate in educational settings were eliminated as probable causes of the discrepancy between research and practice. The study suggested that universities and colleges are not emphasizing phonological awareness instruction in great enough detail (if at all) in their reading methods courses. Over 85% of the elementary teachers (48 participants) surveyed in the study reported that they did not remember receiving any training in this area. Of the 9 university instructors who responded to a survey, five had a difficult time even defining phonological awareness. This study suggested that universities and colleges need to look at the research and revamp their teacher preparation programs to include instruction on what phonological awareness is and how to teach and assess for the skills young readers need to be successful in school.


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