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Social Work (M.S.W.)

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School of Social Work


Concepts of forgiveness explore the sum of the parts of any individual within any context or belief system an individual is a part of. The sum of these parts involve forgiveness within the context of an entire person, empathy being at the heart of forgiveness, forgiveness as a relationship and forgiveness being that of a personal commitment. Forgiveness is an art within the process toward emotional maturity and is a part of any aspect of the human experience toward achieving self-acceptance. Applications of forgiveness are therapeutic and can be a way in which personal healing can take place. In addition, therapeutic benefits of forgiveness counseling can allow a person to move forward from the past and become able to look toward to a better future. A focus group was conducted in order to explore a post-abortive woman’s reasons for seeking forgiveness counseling, various definitions of forgiveness and whether or not a woman can achieve self-forgiveness through completing the forgiveness process. Conclusions of this study will help to increase awareness of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs within this special population of women and help in better defining and developing therapeutic interventions of forgiveness for the post-abortive woman toward achieving self-forgiveness and self-acceptance following an abortion.


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